Environmental Policy Statement

Paragon Steel is one of the Midwest region’s premier distributors and processors of flat-rolled steel.

We buy, sell, and process flat rolled products at our two facilities on the campus of Steel Dynamics in Butler, IN.  With our proximity to SDI, we can confidently and proudly say that the bulk of the products related to Paragon’s business are bought from a strategic partner who prides themselves on the way that they operate their business in an environmentally sustainable manner. With the future in mind, Paragon Steel will continue to look for opportunities to improve our own processes, equipment, and the way we do business to reduce the impact on our environment.


We are committed to continuing to operate our business in an environmentally sustainable manner. We recognize the importance of being good stewards of our environment in the communities where we work and live. We continually evaluate opportunities to improve our processes, equipment, and technology to reduce our physical impact on the environment. At Paragon it is more than simply meeting the requirements but going beyond with a commitment to higher environmental standards.


Being environmentally conscious is part of our culture. We see ourselves as guests in the communities in which we do business and as such, we are good stewards of the environment. Every day, our employees take the initiative to protect the environment, simply because it is the right thing to do.


Environmental Principles

We are committed to continually improve our environmental performance through the implementation of the following guiding principles, to:

– Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and other requirements governing our operations and evaluate and, as necessary, improve the effectiveness of those compliance efforts where appropriate.

– Identify sustainability opportunities that protect the environment, prevent pollution, conserve energy, more efficiently utilize resources, and /or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

– Participate, where appropriate, in the development of public policy and programs including involvement with industry organizations regarding sustainable practices within our industry.

– Foster open communication with our management and employees to help ensure their roles and responsibilities are consistent with the principles of this policy.

Application of Policy

This policy and its principles apply to all employees, departments, and functions throughout the company and its subsidiaries. We believe our approach to environmental stewardship and sustainability will create long-term value for our employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which we work and live.